My Indian Lunchbox

If you haven’t already seen the film The Lunchbox you absolutely have to. Not only because it’s a superbly acted, wonderfully melancholic love story, but also because it’s a film that celebrates home-cooked food. Just seeing it once was enough to inspire me to get an Indian lunchbox of my own.


The story is set in Mumbai, India, which boasts a world-famous lunchbox delivery system. These lunchboxes are stainless steel tiffin boxes: 2, 3 or more bowls stacked on top of each other and sealed on either side with metal clasps. After Mumbai’s office workers leave home for work in the early morning, those who stay at home prepare some nice hot food for them to eat during their lunch break. These meals are put in a tiffin box, which is then put in a special carrier bag and collected by a so-called dabbawalla. These lunchbox delivery men will then make sure that all these little towers of homemade goodness reach their intended recipients in time for lunch.


This stainless steel 3-tier dabba was on top of my Christmas wish list -yes, I know I’m a total food nerd, but these kind of things get me excited, okay – and guess what I found under the tree! Every tier has its own lid, which locks in heat, makes sure it doesn’t leak and can also be used as a plate. It even came with an adorable little stainless steel spoon and a thermally insulated carrier bag.


Unfortunately, I usually work from home, so the honour of testing it out fell to my boyfriend. Curious about what I decided to cook for him? Keep an eye out for my next post!


7 thoughts on “My Indian Lunchbox

  1. Amazing ! The movie was fantastic in every way. And you liking it is a pleasant treat too 🙂 And yes, lunchboxes are great. I do not reside in Mumbai, but all through my childhood lunchbox prepared by mom used to be the biggest thing while going to school ! The suspense each day is simply overwhelming 😉

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    1. Glad you love it too! 😀 And I remember my mum used to prepare my lunchbox when I was in school too. Not quite as magnificent as a tiffin box full of hot food, but it still had so many different goodies in it. I guess my friends loved it just as much as I did because I always ended up sharing it with them, haha 😛

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  2. I can’t believe you’ve seen that movie! Isn’t it well directed? 🙂 Mumbai dabbawallas are phenomenal (ask me, I belong to that city!) I can’t wait to see what you come up with in your next post 😉

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    1. I absolutely love it! 😀 I didn’t know you were from Mumbai, how cool! (certainly explains all your wonderful Indian recipes 😉 ) After seeing that film, I just really fell in love with the idea of using a dabba. Did you ever eat your lunch out of one?

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