Welcome to La Cuisine d’Eli! My name is Elizabeth (or Eli for short) and I’m a personal chef & caterer, writer and photographer.


I’m based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Contact me for more information and/or bookings.


I focus on growing my own produce, local and seasonal and artisanal produce.

Vegetable Garden:





About fearless eating, green living and making your own

  1. Fearless eating: I believe in variety and in trying out new things. I also believe that almost anything can taste good if you know how to prepare it. What I definitely don’t believe in is cutting out whole food groups for no good reason. I once tried to cut out gluten for a week – by way of experiment- but the idea of not being able to eat bread made me so sad I gave up after three days.
  2. Green living: The way we eat can have a big impact on the planet. Changing our habits a little and becoming a bit more aware of what we put in our mouths can really make a positive difference to the environment. For me, this means a lot of things. Avoiding food waste whenever possible, for example. Or eating vegetarian or vegan food most days. When I do buy dairy, meat, eggs or fish, I always try to choose organic, free-range and sustainable options. In other words: quality over quantity.
  3. Making your own: It’s tastier, it’s more fun, it’s better for you, it’s tastier. Did I already mention it was tastier?






30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eli,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a cool blog.. Two things which I love the most – adventure and food 🙂 . Would be looking through this for more recipes 🙂

    Love, T.

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  2. Hi! I see that you are a professional translator and you have a passion for Japanese food. Does this mean you speak Japanese and translate to English? I am about to start translation at university and was wondering how easy it is to get jobs translating from Japanese 🙂

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    1. Hi Naomi! Thanks for stopping by :). To answer your question: I translate from Dutch to English. My Japanese is very limited, so I can’t speak from experience in that respect. However, when I was in Japan I did notice there is a huge demand for English teachers and translators, so I’m guessing it’s quite easy to get jobs that way. Good luck with your studies!


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