Dark & Stormy

When my mother-in-law gave me this rad retro beverage dispenser for my birthday, I immediately knew it would come in handy. Yesterday, I invited my friends over for a soul train themed night of fun and dance and made a big batch of dark and stormy: a delicious and refreshing cocktail with brown rum and ginger beer.


Ingredients for 3 liters of dark & stormy:

1 l brown rum

2 l ginger ale/beer

1 lime sliced

2 tbsp frozen lime juice

1 tbsp ginger juice (from a 3 cm piece of fresh ginger root)

Since I could only get hold of royal club ginger ale, which is rather tame, I decided to add some fresh ginger juice for some extra zing. The frozen lime juice was something we still happened to have in our freezer, but it was a perfect way to add both flavour and coolness.

  • To make the ginger juice, grate a piece of ginger onto a piece of kitchen paper, then squeeze out all the juice into a bowl and chuck the pulp.
  • Mix everything together and you’re good to go!

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