Tempeh Reuben Sandwich

For this vegetarian take on the classic Reuben sandwich you can use any kind of sauerkraut, but using your own will really take this to the next level. In this version, salty smoky marinated fried tempeh slices take the place of pastrami, forming a beautiful contrast with the spicy, horseradish mayo sauce and the tangy, crunchy sauerkraut.

Ingredients (for 2):

4 large slices of quality wholegrain bread

sauerkraut (see here how to make your own)

200 g tempeh

soy sauce

smoked hot paprika

onion powder

neutral oil for frying

some salad leaves (optional)


4 tbsp Belgian mayonnaise

2-3 tsp horseradish sauce

a very finely chopped small shallot

a few pickled gherkins, finely chopped

a few drops of tabasco

  • Slice the tempeh and steam the slices for 10 minutes.
  • Season the slices with soy sauce, onion powder and smoked hot paprika and fry them over medium-high heat in a good layer of oil until brown and a bit crispy on both sides.
  • Divide the sauce on the sandwiches, add the tempeh and the sauerkraut. I recommend cutting the sandwiches in half to make them easier to eat.

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