Croque Monsieur | Hey Elizabeth! Where Do You Come From? (episode 1)

It’s finally here: the first episode of my very own cooking show on YouTube, titled Hey Elizabeth ! Where do you come from? The idea behind it? People often seem to wonder where I come from. Almost everyone who meets me for the first time asks me if I’m from somewhere else and even has specific ideas about where this “somewhere else” is supposedly located. So far I’ve been able to compile a list of at least ten (!) different countries. This inspired me to do a cooking series that explores this phenomenon through food: one country per episode.

In this (less than 3 minute long) pilot episode I’ll be making a croque monsieur. I hope you enjoy watching it! It’s in Dutch, but if you cannot understand this obscure, guttural language, fear not! Just click on CC in the right hand corner for English subtitles !

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