Cheesy “Summer Stew”

After all that Japanese food it was time for something utterly non-Japanese; something with potatoes and melted cheese for instance. Why the recipe book calls it a “Summer Stew” will always be a bit of mystery to me, but this comforting potato dish filled with veggies and gooey cubes of half-melted Gouda cheese always hits the spot. Using a pressure cooker is an absolute must. It helps you to preserve all those good nutrients and also means your dinner is ready in mere minutes!


Ingredients (for 2):

500 g potatoes

200 g green beans

1 red Romero pepper or bell pepper

1 big onion

300 g Dutch cheese


black pepper


  • top and tail the green beans and break them in half
  • finely chop a large onion
  • finely slice a large Romero pepper or red bell pepper
  • peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes


  • Put everything in the pressure cooker with a glass of water (250 ml) and some salt.
  • Bring up to full pressure and cook for 5 minutes.


  • Use those 5 minutes to dice your cheese into small bite-size chunks
  • Depressurise your pan, drain the “stew” and put it back on low heat.
  • Season with some pepper and or extra salt and stir in the cheese cubes until they are melted to your liking.


  • Et voila! A bowl of comforting, cheesy goodness is yours to devour.

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