Avocado Oil

I am a total sucker for beautiful packaging and when I spotted this bottle of “artisanal” avocado oil I obviously couldn’t resist. I love avocados and I’m always intrigued by foods and ingredients I’ve never tried before, so, as you may well understand, not buying it really wasn’t an option.



Avocado oil is produced by extracting the oil from the fruit’s fleshy pulp. It takes about 15 to 20 avocados to make 250 ml of oil, using a method similar to the one used to produce extra virgin olive oil. While I’m sure there are also refined, odourless and colourless versions on the market, this particular oil is deep green and has a rather strong slightly bitter avocado aroma. It’s also full of monounsaturated fats, which means it’s incredibly healthy.

La Tourangelle has an entire range of interesting oils. They all come in different variations on the same – aesthetically very pleasing – tin bottle design, but none of them are cheap. Don’t be surprised if you end up paying 7 to 25 (!) euros a piece.


The verdict

Well, the bottle is obviously beautiful, but what about the stuff that’s in it? Is it any good? I have to admit I’m not entirely convinced. Not yet, anyway. So far, I have used it on scrambled eggs with avocado and by way of dressing on a raw courgette salad. While I’m usually a great fan of aromatic oils – a drizzle of good Greek olive oil or a drop of toasted sesame oil can do wonders – the taste of this avocado oil seemed oddly overpowering to me. It’s grassy, nutty, a little bitter. Flavour-wise, it’s avocado times ten, and to me, a strong avocado flavour almost seems like a contradiction in terms.



I see the La Tourangelle website has a few recipe options, but I am very open to other suggestions. So, if you happen to be reading this and have ideas on what to do with avocado oil, please let me know! Do you fry things in it? Do you have a great avocado oil vinaigrette recipe or do you simply put it in your hair?


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