‘Tis Proper Devon Cider

Sam’s Poundhouse Medium Cider, undoubtedly one of (if not simply) the best cider I have ever tasted and well worth a visit to their Cider Press and shop in Winkleigh to stock up on some 2 litre bottles.


Traipsing through the food tent at this year’s Okehampton Show I also stumbled across a cider stall manned by Ron Barter from Brimblecombe’s Cider. All their cider is produced manually, using a traditional cider press which filters the apple pulp through straw. The cider is then left to ferment naturally, which gives it its absolutely unique aroma: pleasantly sour, almost pungent, with lovely woody undertones. Brimblecombe’s loyalty to traditional cider-making methods unfortunately also means that they produce very little of it. You won’t find their bottles in your local supermarket, but you might come across them at one of Devon’s food markets, or alternatively visit their cider press at Farrants Farm in Dunsford near Exeter.


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